Here. We. Go.

I’m in the midst of transitioning out of academia and back into the “real world.”  It’s been a while.  I’m adjusting.  Sort of.

Anyway, this site will likely contain my rambling on all sorts of things except politics.  Quite a bit will likely be boring, such as whatever programming language or statistical methods I’m learning at the moment for fun.

There’s a good chance that I will post some of the “crazy” research ideas that I never had the opportunity to work on… if you end up running with any of these ideas, please send me a copy of the final paper because I’m curious to know the results.

And you’ll probably also see lots of musings on the job market as I look for gainful employment.  Nothing about potential employers – and probably nothing about past employers – but just things I learn along the way that I find interesting or odd.  Like, for instance, I learned the other day that rich text format (.rtf) is the best file format for submitting resumes.  PDFs are bad.  Tables used to make a nice layout are bad.  Newer MS Word files (.docx) are bad.  The reason makes sense… resumes are automatically machine-read and imported into application systems, and those things are bad because they cause problems with the processing.  But I still find it strange that applicants are supposed to know that they should use a file format developed in 1987 when applying to jobs where everyone wants a fancy personal website, LinkedIn profile, and a web presence with all sorts of other things that look fancy and cutting-edge and whatever.  It’s counter-intuitive to me.  I’ll admit that I like using Notepad++ and LaTeX for all of my word-processing… but I am aware that I am odd.  Just saying.


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